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Bookkeeping and Accounting

The basis for sound management decisions is accurate and timely financial reporting.  The process must be simple, concise, understandable, practical, efficient, and affordable.  Legal CFO puts our experties to work for you, providing a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and payroll related services to fit your firm's needs.

We provide monthly bookkeeping and financial reporting for your firm.  You provide us copies of original source accounting documents, such as check stubs, bank statements, billing, etc., and access to downloading of transactions from banks, credit cards,payroll processors, and other documents as needed.  We input the information, reconcile the banks, the trust funds, prepare the depreciation schedules, etc., as required to complete your basic financial reports.  


CFO Services are included with your basic service.  These services are available as needed, as often as needed, and as much as needed.  This inclusive service sets us apart from our competitors.  There are NO LONG-TERM contractual agreements.  If you desire to make a change, we only require a 30 day notice, and will work with you and our successor for a seamless transfer.

Legal CFO staff reviews your financial reports with you as often as needed, to ensure you fully understand the financial and operational metrics of your practice.  We also can go over your pricing structures, profitability enhancement, profitability of staff, departments, and services, compensation studies, comparison of your performance with authoritative industry benchmarks, productivity of production staff, compensation studies, review of buy vs. lease agreements, facilities costs comparisons, and so many other concerns you may have financially and operationally.  Of course we can't include everything as some engagements require significantly more resources.  Please see our Optional Services web page for ala-carte type services.