When your needs go beyond traditional bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services, we offer ala carte services in areas such as mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs,  succession planning, turn around service, analysis of new locations, and other services such as assistance in business financing.  Our experiences have taken us from the garage start-up to the board room of 3M Corporation.


Leadership is more visionary, and such skills are proactive in scope.  Many accountants operate in only a compliance mode which is reactive in nature.  For clients who choose to engage us as their CPA, we believe that by employing proactive tax planning as a part of the overall strategy, clients can achieve their best result with optimal tax effects. 

  • Corp and Individualplanning
  • IRS Dispute Resolution
  • State and Local tax compliance
  • Tax preparation for Corporate, partnership, and individuals
  • Audit representation


The definitions of success are as individual and varying as are the law firms and their owners.  A law practice can achieve its full potential by first identifying what success means, then develop a clear, concise, and cohesive plan to achieve the owner's best definition of success.

The Principal, Michael L. Hudkins, CPA, has co-authored a book entitled "Lawyer's Guide To Strategic Planning" published by the American Bar Association.  The process needs not be drawn-out and cumbersome, and must be a dynamic process, flexible in nature, to adapt to changes as might be prudent or necessary.  As an optional service, we are available to facilitate the Strategic Planning Process initially, and to monitor and review the process in an on-going relationship to help ensure the achievement of your vision for your best future.